Audi TTS The Bold Moves

As the name would suggest, the Audi TTS is a sportier version of the standard TT. Available in both coupe and roadster versions, the car’s body, steering and engine have all been modified for faster and more responsive driving.

Audi TTS 2018 Price

Starting at $52,950 according to Audi USA.

Audi TTS Specification

A range of different engines, both petrol and diesel, are available for the TTS. The one most recently developed, a turbo charged 355bhp petrol, is the most powerful. With this engine, the TTS can reach a top speed of 155mph.

Car Type & Class:‎Sport compact
Body style:‎2-door Coupé, 2-door Roadster
Top Speed155 mph
Number Of Passengers:2 + 2
Drivetrain:six speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission and quattro all-wheel drive
Engine Type:turbocharged, four cylinder 16-valve DOHC, aluminum alloy
Transmission:7-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting mode
Cargo volume:12 cu ft
Warranty 4 Years / 50,000 Miles
Maintenance 12 Months/ 10,000 Miles

Audi TTS Interior

Audi TTS interior is disappointing and with many questionable design features. There is little room for driver and passengers, much of it is taken up by the interior bodywork. The design work on the inside, particularly on the dashboard and centre console, could easily be described as minimal. The computerized HUD is nice, though it means things like the speedometer and fuel gauge have to be manually enlarged to see them properly.

Audi TTS Exterior

Despite the sports upgrade, the exterior styling doesn’t seem to have been given a similar upgrade. There’s nothing in its design to suggest the TTS is a particularly sporty car. Some streamlining marks and the addition of two exhausts are all that hints at the car’s speed. That being said, the TTS design is an improvement over that of the standard TT. The intricacies do well to add to the aesthetics.

Fuel and Mileage

EPA Fuel Economy Estimated - Highway27 MPG
Fuel Economy Estimated - City23 MPG
Fuel Tank Capacity53.7 liters (14.2 gal)
Recommended FuelPremium

Audi TTS Then and Now