Audi S8 Plus a Big Performance

Audi S8 plus is a more powerful version of the luxury A8. All the ride comfort and tech found in the Audi A8 are also in the S8. At the same time, the car also boasts high-performance engineering from Audi.

The S8 houses the fastest engine of any A8 model – a 4.0 V8 twin turbo quattro. With a capacity of 513 bhp, the S8 is a fast-accelerating car that goes from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds and on to a limited top speed of 155mph.

Audi S8 Plus 2018 Price

Starting at $115,900, according to Audi USA.

Audi S8 Plus Specification

A cornerstone piece is what lays the foundation for every fine art museum. With exquisitely crafted details like full LED headlights, quad exhaust outlets and sporty exterior, the 2018 Audi S8 plus blends the very best of performance and luxury into the foundation of a design masterpiece.Audi USA
Car Type & Class:Luxury sport sedan
Body style:4-door sedan
Rank in Full-size Luxury Cars2
Number Of Passengers:5
Engine Type:V8 32 valve DOHC, turbocharged/TFSI, aluminum alloy
Transmission:Eight-speed Tiptronic® automatic transmission with quattro® all-wheel drive
Cargo volume:14 cu ft
Warranty 4 Years / 50,000 Miles
Maintenance 12 Months/ 10,000 Miles

Audi S8 Plus Interior

The S8 has a very comfortable interior, which does a good job of balancing the car’s two main concepts – luxury and speed. The pedals, steering wheel and gear stick are all positioned in a similar way to a racing set-up. The cars many features are nicely laid out on the well-designed dashboard. The biggest drawback is the centre console takes up a bit too much space, and the design of the gear stick is a little strange.

Audi S8 Plus Exterior

The S8 does well to marry the design work of a luxury car and sports model. The car looks capable of high speeds as well as protective and comfortable. Against it, though, is the fact it looks very bulky and heavy. In particular, the detailing on the front end looks over-done, and detracts from the styling as a whole. The exterior may leave some feeling the S8 does not know what it wants to be.

Fuel and Millage

EPA Fuel Economy Estimated - Highway24 MPG
Fuel Economy Estimated - City14 MPG
Fuel Tank Capacity82 liters (21.7 gal)
Recommended FuelPremium

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