Audi S5 The Heart and Style of a True Sports Car

With the Audi S5, power and aesthetics are brought together in an excellent package that one will be itching to try out. With the redesign of its relatives the A4 and the S4, it was only a matter of time before the folks at Audi broke out the big guns to put some new touches to the S5.

Audi S5 2018 Price

Starting at $54,600, according to Audi USA.

Audi S5 Specification

Apart from the incredible looks, the fastback sedan also packs quite the power under the hood as well as all the technological tidbits that one has come to expect from the German car maker. This means that one is sure of experiencing top notch luxury at high speed.

Car Type & Class:Compact sedan
Body style:4-door sedan
Rank in in Luxury Small Cars1
Number Of Passengers:5
Drivetrain: all-wheel-drive
Engine Type:six cylinder, 24-valve DOHC with audi valve-lift system, Twin scroll turbocharged / TFSI
Transmission:Eight-speed triptronic® automatic transmission with quattro® all-wheel drive
Cargo volume:11.6 cu ft
Warranty 4 Years / 50,000 Miles
Maintenance 12 Months/ 10,000 Miles

Audi S5 Exterior

The shell of the Audi S5 is something amazing to gaze at. The front grille is a hexagonal chrome band with six parallel stripes across it, interrupted by the familiar Audi insignia. Apart from the bird-of-prey design of the headlights, the fog lights add a rough characteristic to the front mien.

The sloping roof of the fastback sedan brings out the high end elegance of this car. At the rear the designers veer away from the normal wrap-around taillights and instead go for a clean look, employing sharp and clear edges on the trunk lid.

Audi S5 Interior

The inside of the Audi S5 is a trip to the future. The Audi Virtual Cockpit is in play and one can decide which mode they want to travel in depending on the terrain and length of the journey. Sports style Nappa leather stitched seats also ensure that comfort is at its maximum. This is possible due to the four way lumbar support as well as massage capability.

The seemingly floating dashboard is overlaid with premium leatherette and high grade wood, a testament to the excellent craftsmanship employed in the interior. There is also ambient lighting – changing color depending on your preference – that comes from subtle recesses within the interior.

Fuel and Mileage

EPA Fuel Economy Estimated - Highway30 MPG
Fuel Economy Estimated - City21 MPG
Fuel Tank Capacity58 liters (15.3 gal)
Recommended FuelPremium

Audi S5 Then and Now