Audi S3 Adapted For Speed & Performance With Sports Inspired Design

The versatile A3 gets a boost in power and suspension with Audi’s ‘S’-power upgrade. All four available A3 cars – Sport back, saloon and cabriolet as well as the standard version – are now adapted for speed and performance, while still retaining the car’s comfort and practicality.

Audi S3 2018 Price

Starting at $43,650 according to Audi USA

Audi S3 Specification

Car Type & Class:Compact sedan
Body style:4-door sedan
Rank in in Luxury Small Cars13
Number Of Passengers:5
Drivetrain:front-engine, all-wheel-drive
Engine Type:turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve inline-4, iron block and aluminum head, direct fuel injection
Transmission:Seven-speed S tronic® dual-clutch automatic transmission and quattro® all-wheel drive
Cargo volume:10 cu ft
Warranty 4 Years / 50,000 Miles
Maintenance 12 Months/ 10,000 Miles

The Audi S3 six-speed engine is available in petrol, diesel and hybrid. Audi’s innovative e-Tron hybrid technology allows for different methods of powering the car. The engine can be set to run on petrol, plug-in electric power or both in tandem.

Audi S3 Exterior

The car looks as if it has been crafted for speed. Its sleekness and the intricacies of the bodywork give the impression of a fast car. The aerodynamic indentations of the bodywork do well to add more to the car’s speedy look. In addition, Audi S3 also has the stable and comfortable build of a saloon car. The car has been well designed to accommodate all the different makes, mentioned above.

Audi S3 Interior

Inside, Audi S3 is roomier than most other models from Audi, although the design work is a bit sterile. There’s more space in the front and back. The driver’s side takes inspiration from a racing car, with its raised pedals and the shape of its seat. The S3’s dashboard neatly lays out all of the features of the car. All in all, the S3 interior is functional, but uninspiring.

Fuel and Mileage

EPA Fuel Economy Estimated - Highway28 MPG
Fuel Economy Estimated - City22 MPG
Fuel Tank Capacity55 liters (14.5 gal)
Recommended FuelPremium

Audi S3 Then and Now